Shakespeare by Dogs began one day when I was reading Hamlet. I put the book down because my pup, Teddy, was scratching the door. The words naturally flowed: “To pee or not to pee? that is the question.” And I continued from there.

It seemed so right. I was capturing the essence of the oldest dog conundrum that ever existed: whether to mark ones territory and be punished or wait to go outside and have fun. I had always sung pop songs in the shower replacing the words to refer to dogs so they would be more interesting, but this was different. Shakespeare expresses the toughest questions and purest emotions of humans like no other writer can, but dogs have no such voice to express their problems.

I knew what needed to be done: I needed to re-write famous Shakespeare passages from the perspective of dogs. Words along would not be enough. Images would be necessary to give the words more of an impact (and to make it funnier because dogs look funny in Shakespeare costumes). So I hired an artist to illustrate each scene.

Now dogs in all their wonderful joy, their barking, their pawing, their obedience, their begging, and their love will finally have an outlet to beautifully describe their condition.

Posted will be released weekly.


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